Power Learn Project in Partnership with HoopDreamsng

Power Learn Project in Partnership with HoopDreamsng

To spread awareness of the value of mental health in tech, 500 students from the University of Lagos and Babcock University took part in a basketball tournament in collaboration with Power Learn Project, Nigeria, and HoopDreams Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria: May 2023.

Power Learn Project, an impact organization that offers accessible and affordable tech training for youth across Africa, in partnership with HoopDreams Nigeria, has launched a basketball league initiative dubbed “Power Hoops” as part of its community events to spread awareness of the value of mental health in Tech and particularly among the youth. In May, we launched our University tour with an inter-university friendly between Babcock University and the University of Lagos, bringing together the most prestigious public and private universities.

‘’Power Learn intends to host numerous basketball tournaments in partnership with HoopsDream Nigeria to raise awareness of mental health among young people and the Tech industry. Young people’s mental health is becoming an increasingly important concern in today’s fast-paced and interconnected world. The stresses and difficulties they confront now can significantly impact young people’s well-being and prospects for the future. We must acknowledge the significance of promoting and protecting their mental health because it affects their individual lives and determines the course of our society. Our partnership with HoopDreams has allowed us to start creating solutions at a local level& within the Nigerian ecosystem that will tremendously affect the young people’s lives and the communities they live in”. Power Learn Project’s Chief of Growth & Operations, Mumbi Ndung’u, stated.

Young people today face unique stressors, including academic pressures, social media influence, bullying, family conflicts, and uncertain futures. The consequences of unaddressed mental health issues can be severe, ranging from poor academic performance, substance abuse, and self-destructive behaviors to long-term psychological disorders.

Acknowledging and responding to these challenges can empower young individuals to build resilience, fulfill their potential, and lead healthy, productive lives. The importance of mental health among the youth cannot be overstated. By recognizing and addressing their unique challenges, we can provide young individuals with the necessary tools to navigate life’s complexities. It is the collective responsibility of parents, educators, policymakers, healthcare professionals, and society at large to prioritize youth mental health through education, early intervention, destigmatization, and accessible mental health services.

Doing so can empower young people to become resilient, compassionate leaders who contribute to a healthier and more prosperous future for all.

Hoopdreamsng is a growing community formed in Lagos, Nigeria, aimed at enhancing the culture of basketball, a unique blend of basketball games and party activities, bringing entertainment to fans of the game. Their events range from their infamous grill-outs and all-star games to tournaments and friendly games aimed at showcasing the exciting talent pool where they take the team to compete against other groups all over Lagos, creating an exhilarating atmosphere for players, fans, and newcomers alike.

Launched in April 2022 in Kenya, Power Learn Project (PLP) is a Pan African organization working to drive transformative change by empowering youth through providing quality, affordable, and decentralized software development and smart technologies training and opportunities for work after that. PLP currently has a presence in over 5 African countries and an estimated 10,000 software developers in training, with its first cohort of 1000 graduating in December 2022. These developers are then provided with several pathways ranging from upskilling to jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities.

The CEO of HoopsDreamng, Iyin Laditan, was also there and advised the attendees to participate in these tournaments, which are essential for maintaining one’s mental health. “We are particularly excited about this initiative given the strong tech background within the founding team. It was an entertaining, action-filled game that created the perfect atmosphere for students and staff to unwind as both teams fought for bragging rights. In the end, Unilag University defeated Babcock University. Both teams showed great sportsmanship, as it is rare to see state and private universities compete, and all players and

fans were excited to witness this event. We encourage members of our community to take advantage of the tech opportunities available and provided by Power Learn Project. Mental health is a crucial concern in the technology sector, not a choice. A foundation of well-being and support for those who drive technology developments is necessary to build new solutions.’’ Iyin Latidan stated.

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