Bauchi Gov. Bala plots to kill me – Gov. Ortom

Bauchi Gov. Bala plots to kill me – Gov. Ortom

Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom has expressed deep sadness over the deaths of his Special Adviser on Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Mr. Jerome Torshimbe, and his Personal Assistant on Special Duties, Mr. Famous Adejo.

Benue governor Samuel Ortom has accused Bauchi governor Bala Mohammed of plotting to kill him in cahoots with Fulani herdsmen. Orton said Mohammed should be held accountable if anything happens to him.

Governor Ortom who addressed a press conference in Makurdi on the back of life-threatening message received of aggrieved bandits accused Mohammed of being part of a “terrorist Fulani organisation, terrorising Nigerians.”

“And if anything happens to me, I don’t want anybody to be in doubt, Bala Mohammed should be held responsible. Especially his last week outing what he said and what herdsmen wrote to me that they are going to assassinate me, Bala Mohammed is also part of it with what he said,’’ he said.

“I am beginning to think that my brother, the governor of Bauchi is part of the terrorist Fulani organisation that is terrorising this country,’’ Ortom added.

The governor also lampooned his Mohammed for defending gun-wielding Fulani herdsmen who carry Ak-47 in the name of self defence. He said such utterance was unconstitutional.

“His recent outburst that Fulani herdsmen are justified for carrying AK-47 to protect themselves. I don’t know where the constitution of this country allows that.”

Ortom further warned criminal Fulani herdsmen not to come to Benue state else they would face the consequence. He also asked Mr. Mohammed to tender an apology to Nigerians for his statement on national television.

“I want to tell those terrible Fulani men that they should not come to Benue state, they should go to Bauchi and stay with him,” he said.

“Anyone who is not willing to respect the laws of our country should go and meet Bala Mohammed, there you can carry AK-47 you will not be apprehended. Here, when you come, we will apprehend you.’’

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